Maryland’s New State School Superintendent Talks Education

Dr. Karen Salmon, the recently appointed state school superintendent, talked to WBAL TV about the focus being placed on teaching for non-traditional jobs. She said Maryland’s public education system is in good shape, but she did not dismiss the challenges that lie ahead.

The superintendent said while the primary learning focus is academics, the state can’t afford to overlook the need to prepare students for traditional and non-traditional jobs. “One thing I thank we traditionally do is that we are always preparing kids, in my opinion, for our past and not their future, and that’s something I think we have to get away from,” Salmon said.

Salmon said students, while still in high school, must be exposed to tech-driven, hands-on careers, many that may not require a college degree.

“We have opportunities for students to have wonderful careers that make tons of money as electricians and plumbers and HVAC folks. We just really need to enhance career and technology-education programs,” Salmon said.

See the WBAL TV interview below.