Cameras Hidden in Traffic Cones

An educational session and reception sponsored by Chesapeake Employers’ Insurance Company provided attendees with insight into the techniques used to prevent insurance fraud, including covert video footage of insurance claimants.

middletonThe MACo Summer Conference reception and educational session was moderated by Maryland Senator Thomas McLain “Mac” Middleton. In introducing the panelists and the subject, Senator Middleton shared the critical role of Chesapeake Employers’ Insurance, formerly IWIF, a legislatively created body that guarantees coverage, serving as the insurance provider of last resort in the State of Maryland.

Speakers Tammy R. J. Longan, Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company, Director of the Strategic Business Unit; Robert Trzeciak, Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company, Field Investigator; and A.J. Alexander, Commercial Index Bureau shared the ins-and-outs of a modern-day fraud investigation.

Trzeciak emphasized the importance of pre-surveillance techniques and the utility of web searches including:

  •  use of databases like Accurint
  • social networks like Facebook
  • SDAT
  • Google Maps and Google Earth

Alexander described the legal limitations of using new camera and video technology, such as drones, providing examples of case law finding use that goes beyond “reasonable” use, becoming an invasion of privacy. Camera and video techniques include:

  • cameras hidden in traffic cones and placed on public curbs outside of claimants’ homes
  • cameras set-up inside automobiles with tinted windows and parked outside of public shopping malls or grocery stores that claimants frequent
  • high definition cameras used by investigators hidden a distance from claimants’ activity

The discussion of modern fraud investigation techniques revealed Chesapeake’s aggressive workers compensation claims handling. The reduction of fraud helps mitigate undue inflation of claim costs for all members.

Session attendees Andrea Mansfield of Manis Canning and Delegate Nathaniel T. Oaks of Baltimore City with Lisa Kruska of Chesapeake Employers’ Insurance Company.