‘Systemic Renovations’ Use More Than 1/3 of State School Construction Funding

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A summary of state school construction funding reveals the amount spent on systemic renovations.

A publication from the Interagency Committee on School Construction lists the projects that will receive funding in the 2017 fiscal year.

The Summary of Project Requests & Approvals reports an FY 2017 school construction allocation of $368 million from the State with funding for 208 out of 263 project requests.

The $368 million consists of $280 million FY 2017 new bond authorization, $45 million in prior-year reverted funding, and $43 million of grant funding for counties with a large amount of enrollment growth or a high number of relocatable classrooms.

156 of the 208 projects funded are categorized as systemic renovations. Systemic renovations are the renovation, replacement or enhancement of a specific building system that will extend the useful life of the school facility for a minimum of fifteen years. Funding for systemic renovations represents approximately 38% – more than a third- of the state’s total spending on school construction this year.

The 208 projects funding are broken down as follows:

  • 5 kindergartens (kindergarten or pre-kindergarten renovations or additions)
  • 46 major projects (new or replacement schools, major renovations or additions)
  • 156 systemic renovations (replacement or upgrading of a system, such as a roof or HVAC)
  • 1 relocatable facility (includes projects to relocate State-owned relocatable classrooms or repairs to and demolition of State-owned Relocatable.)

The Annual Capital Improvement Program 2017 online publication includes county-by-county PDFs that list projects for each district. The documents detail:

  • Total requests by the district
  • Total allocations to the district
  • Type of projects: planning, construction, or renovation

For each project approved, the individual documents describe:

  • Total estimated project cost
  • Detailed project descriptions
  • Local and state funding for FY 2017
  • Prior state funding received

For more information, see the Annual Capital Improvement Program 2017 publication.

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