Infrastructure Funding a Priority of Both Presidential Candidates

A Capital News Service article in (2016-08-01) reported that despite the many policy and political differences between democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton and republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, both candidates agree that infrastructure funding should be a priority. From the article:

One of the major policy elements, according to [Brookings Institution Senior Fellow Alice] Rivlin, a former Federal Reserve Board vice chairman and former director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, would be a large-scale investment in national infrastructure, which Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both included in their economic platforms. GOP nominee Donald Trump, too, considers infrastructure investment a priority.

“I think there’s a pretty wide agreement that our infrastructure, especially roads, bridges and water systems, for example, are deteriorating.” Rivlin said. “There’s a lot of evidence of that. There’s also evidence that modernizing infrastructure would help the economy grow faster. In the long run, it improves the productivity of the workforce. In the short run, it creates jobs.” …

Clinton, Trump and Sanders have all included large-scale infrastructure investment in their economic reform platforms. According to Sanders’ website, he would invest $1 trillion over a five-year period to create roughly 13 million jobs. …

While he hasn’t listed specifics about the projects, Trump told New York Magazine in an interview of a “trillion dollar plan” that would generate 13 million jobs, much like Sanders’ plan.

Clinton’s website describes a $275 billion investment, less than a third of the trillion-dollar plan Trump and Sanders tout.

Both MACo and the National Association of Counties have traditionally supported investment in infrastructure funding.