Commission Recommends Local Review of Student Testing

Maryland counties have concerns that tech-heavy testing requirements, such as the PARCC testing creates additional costs for school systems that are not recognized in State funding.

Following advocacy for less testing in schools from teachers, parents, and other education stakeholders, the General Assembly created a Commission to study testing in K-12 education in Maryland.

Maryland’s counties, who have voiced concern regarding the amount of technology needed to implement new tests in line with the common core curriculum, have been tracking the testing issue.

Now the General Assembly’s Commission has come our with a recommendation to create more review at the local level, as reported by the Baltimore Sun,

The commission, assigned by the General Assembly to study the issue, has recommended the formation of local school district committees that would report to the public yearly on the number of hours of testing being required of students. The committees could suggest eliminating redundant or unnecessary exams.

For more information, see the full story from the Baltimore Sun, Testing questions left to local school boards