Queen Anne’s Commissioners Dig Into Water Quality Issues

At its May 10 meeting, the Queen Anne’s County Board of County Commissioners heard extended testimony and discussion from three experts on water quality issues, as the county continues to move forward with a sewer extension to replace scores of failing residential septic systems on Kent Island.

The speakers before the Commissioners, who covered a range of issues from water table management, effluent control, and Zika virus, included:

  • Kellogg J. Schwab, Ph.D., Professor, Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health, Department of Environment Services
  • Dr. Cliff Mitchell, Director, Environmental Health Bureau, Prevention, and Health Promotion Administration
  • Mr. John Nickerson, Queen Anne’s County Environmental Health Director
  • The three speakers addressed the Commissioners with a presentation listed on the agenda as “Environmental Prevention Concerns with Exposure to Untreated Sewage.”

    Michael Sanderson

    Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties