Editorial Predicts Battles Ahead in Education Funding

A major review of education funding and a legislative commission created this spring lay the groundwork for an upcoming conflict in the legislature according to the Editor of the Maryland Reporter.

As described by Len Lazarick of the Maryland Reporter,

Quietly and unanimously, with brief hearings and practically no news coverage, the Maryland General Assembly passed bills that will likely set up one of the most contentious legislative fights of its election year session in 2018.

MACo’s Education Subcommittee discussed the legislation at length, developing several recommendations for the MACo Legislative Committee. The MACo Legislative Committee took a position to support the bill with amendments.

MACo’s proposed amendments reflect concerns that current education funding laws may limit and discourage collaboration and joint efforts that are key to education success. The amendments require the Commission to address whether state laws promote collaboration and joint efforts between counties and school boards.

MACo’s proposed amendment was included in the bill as passed by the General Assembly, which states in part,

The Commission shall…make recommendations for…ensuring that state laws promote collaboration and joint efforts between county governments and local school systems.

For more information, see the bill information page and the full editorial, New commission will likely lead to renewed battles over school funding.