Both Houses of General Assembly Pass New Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goal

A Baltimore Sun article (2106-03-17) reported that the Maryland House of Delegate has passed legislation (HB 610) setting a new goal for greenhouse gas emission reduction. The Senate approved a similar bill (SB 323). The current goal is a 25 percent reduction from 2006 levels by 2020 and would have expired without legislative action. The new goal would be a 40 percent reduction b 2030. From the article:

Delegates voted 100-37 to approve a bill that requires the state to cut greenhouse emissions such as carbon dioxide by 40 percent by 2030. …

The state Senate approved a similar bill last month on a 38-8 vote. …

The new goal was proposed by Maryland’s Climate Change Commission, which includes members from the legislature, nonprofit groups, private businesses and state agency secretaries appointed by Gov. Larry Hogan.

While each of the bills must still pass through the opposite house, it is extremely unlikely they would have any difficulty in doing so as each house has already acted favorably on its own version and the bills remain identical.
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