Howard County Receives AAA Bond Rating for 19th Consecutive Year

Howard County recently announced that once again this year, it’s received a AAA bond rating from all three major bond credit rating agencies. AAA is the highest credit rating earned.

According to Howard County’s press release,

Moody’s Investor Services, Fitch Ratings and Standard and Poor’s have each recognized the County’s strong financial policies and practices, vibrant economy and diverse revenue streams in awarding their top rating. Howard County is one of just 44 counties among the more than 3,000 in the United States to earn a Triple-A rating from all three agencies.

“Our AAA bond rating is a testament to the success of our strong financial management and sustainable policies,” said Kittleman. “The ratings agencies recognize our commitment to our shared priorities of education, public safety, infrastructure and economic development while ensuring that we maintain a strong fiscal footing.”

“These agencies carefully examined the County’s tax base, financial policies, modest debt burden and projected growth,” said Stanley Milesky, Howard County’s Director of Finance. “The rating agencies heard from the County Executive about our commitment to sustain our steady growth while maintaining the services and infrastructure that make our County so successful.”

“Howard County has long remained a leader in securing our fiscal future. We continue to demonstrate our commitment to sound financial reporting and accounting practices and I’m thrilled the County has once again achieved the excellence of a Triple-A bond rating,” commented Dr. Ball. “This rating translates into savings to the County through lower interest rates by giving assurances to large institutional buyers of our bonds that we have our fiscal house in order and County bonds are a relatively low risk, safe investment.”

To read the full press release detailing the county’s report, visit Howard County online.