MACo Supports Investments in Community Revitalization

Andrea Mansfield, on behalf of MACo, testified in support with amendments to HB 275, Department of Housing and Community Development – Neighborhood and Community Assistance Program – Community Investment Tax Credit.

HB 275 expands the Community Investment Tax Credit Program operated by the Department of
Housing and Community Development. The bill would increase the maximum sum of eligible tax credits from $3.5 million to $7 million.

Counties came to a consensus with the Department and the Maryland Municipal League on amendments to address the local government approval process.

From the MACo testimony,

Counties were concerned with provisions of the bill that would strip local governments of their authority to approve or disapprove of projects occurring within their communities. Currently, a project must receive approval from the local governing body in the form of a resolution or letter before the project may proceed.

To address local government concerns and to help streamline the process for the Department, MACo has agreed to support amendments that would retain the local government approval authority but would require a 45-day time period for a local government to notify the Department of their decision. If no action to approve or disapprove is taken after 45 days, the Department may deem the application approved.

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