LGIT Brief Walks Through Tricky “Use of Force” Issues

The Local Government Insurance Trust, co-founded in 1987 by MACo and a valuable Corporate Partner, regularly offers insight and services to its members — above and beyond its insurance coverage and risk management benefits. A recent “Claims Brief” from the LGIT legal team offers insight to local government lawyers, and raises policy issues with law enforcement policies, in this high-profile area of public discourse.

The Claims Brief from February 2016 outlines a recent Maryland court case, speaking to issues of proper police reaction in challenging situations:

The law established by this case seems a dangerous proposition. Requiring an officer to wait until he or she, or others, are in immediate danger before resorting to “serious” levels of force will require officers, in some situations, to wait until it is too late.

For more on the case (The Estate of Ronald Armstrong v. The Village of Pinehurst, et al., [No. 15-1191]), dealing with the proper use of “taser” devices – see the decision online.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties