Kent County Studies Transportation Needs for Seniors

The Delmarva Community Transit’s fiscal year 2017 transportation plan was discussed at the Kent County Commissioners meeting earlier this week.

As reported in The Star Democrat, the county’s Commission on Aging shared comments on the plan and expressed the need for additional time to study it.  Assessing and meeting the transportation needs for seniors was of particular interest. The commission suggested a public hearing would be helpful.

The article also mentioned the initial findings on residents’ needs. The full report is expected to be published in March:

Also, Clarke gave a preliminary report on results of the commission’s survey to assess residents’ needs. She said the survey drew 449 responses, covering an age range from 58 to 98. The area of greatest concern to respondents was medical care, which she said may reflect worries about the hospital’s possible reduction of services. Transportation was next, with housing third.

For more information read the full article in The Star Democrat.

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