President Miller Muses on Angry Voters, Garrett County & Cannibalism

A Daily Record article (2016-01-12) announced the start of a new series of articles called “Dropping the Mike” that will feature ancedotes and musings from Maryland Senate President Thomas V. “Mike” Miller. In the first installment, the Daily Record recounted Miller’s explanation of voter anger, both in Maryland and nationally. The article also explained a trip Miller made to Garrett County and how he ended up associating that trip with cannibalism:

Senate President Mike Miller, Courtesy of Maryland General Assembly
Senate President Mike Miller, Courtesy of Maryland General Assembly

So Miller is out in Garrett County and is told he should visit the Youghiogheny River with three Republican county commissioners, who throw the Senate president in the back of a truck and set off.

“It was cold,” Miller said. “I had on a blue cashmere overcoat on and they put me in the back of a pick up truck. You can imagine the back — I know you’re not from the country but this is the back — these three Republicans sat in the cab warm and toasty. I’m standing in the back, going up these logging trails. And it was in April and it started snowing in Garrett County. I mean, the snow is covering my coat, my hair. God damn, all I can think about is Alfred Packer.”

“Alfred Packer was sentenced to die in July 1876 — this is a true story — he was being tried for cannibalism, cannibalism. And the judge, before sentencing him said: ‘Alfred Packer, there are only seven Democrats in all of Hillsdale County Colorado, and you, ya son of a bitch, went and ate six of them.’”

“That’s all I could think of when I was up in Garrett County, you know, was Alfred Packer revisited,” Miller said.

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