Howard County Seeks to Expand Transportation Options for Residents

Howard County recently announced the steps it will take to improve transportation options for residents with BikeHoward and a Complete Streets policy.

According to a Howard County press release,

Kittleman introduced the Bicycle Master Plan to the Howard County Planning Board, which will hold a hearing on it January 7. After the Planning Board evaluates the plan, it will proceed to the Howard County Council for review.

The Bicycle Master Plan, also known as BikeHoward, provides a framework for Howard County to become a bicycle friendly community, where people of all ages and abilities can easily use bicycles for transportation and recreation.

Kittleman also announced a Complete Streets policy to include in the Howard County Design Manual. This policy will guide road design to make it safe and convenient for residents to travel by foot, bicycle, public transportation or automobile.

“Bicycling, walking and taking the bus are all important modes of travel, in addition to driving a car,” said Kittleman. “If we make it easier and safer for people to get around by biking or walking, more people will choose to do so. This brings health and economic benefits to the entire community. Our Complete Streets policy provides the guidance and represents a big step forward in creating a more sustainable community in Howard County.”

Read the full press release on Howard County’s website for more details.