Which Maryland County Has the Most Residents?

MACo County Trivia

This week’s question:

What is Maryland’s largest county by population?

md map
Maryland’s 23 counties and Baltimore City, courtesy of geology.com

Email Kaley at kschultze@mdcounties.org with your answer.

A correct answer will be chosen at random and the winner and answer will be published in next week’s This Week on Conduit Street. 

Congratulations to Virginia R. Busby, PhD of Harford County, the winner of last week’s trivia, “In which Maryland counties did the Lenape live in the early 16th century?” Dr. Busby is a Commissioner on Maryland Commission on Indian Affairs. Commissioner Busby shares this information about Indians in Maryland:

. . . it is most likely the case that every county in Maryland now has Lenape descendants living in it but likely your answer would include Kent  County, Cecil County or any of the Eastern Shore counties if you are referencing some time in the “past” with perhaps the 1524 date as your reference point.

Also, Maryland has two state recognized tribes – the Piscataway Indian Nation and the Piscataway Conoy Tribe.  We also have numerous other indigenous Maryland tribes who have not yet attained state recognition to include: the Accohannock, the Assateague, the Nause-Waiwash Band of Indians, the Pocomoke, and the Shawnee.  We have a vibrant urban Indian population in Baltimore to include the Lumbee.  And, many federally-recognized tribal members reside in and contribute to our state.

For more information about Indians in Maryland, see the Commission on Indian Affairs. MCIA strives to elevate knowledge about Indians in Maryland and to contribute to Maryland being a thriving place to live. The Commission holds public meetings every other month and welcomes all county officials to attend.

For more information about the Lenape, see this non-exhaustive list of current living Lenape/Delaware Indian tribes.