Kittleman Launches GO50+ Initiative for Howard County’s Older Adults

Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman recently announced the launch of the GO50+ initiative to provide access to older adults to enhance their health, wellness, strength and stamina.

According to a Howard County press release,

Geared toward adults 50 and older, GO50+ combines affordability and accessibility in one membership. Beginning January 4, 2016, residents will be able to purchase the GO50+ membership package, which provides access to four fitness facilities (North Laurel, Gary J. Arthur and Roger Carter Community Centers and the Ellicott City 50+ Fitness Center) for $75 per year. The new package includes an optional Roger Carter pool membership for an additional fee.

“We are fully committed to providing high quality, reasonably priced opportunities like GO50+ to promote health and fitness,” said Kittleman. “Our belief is the sooner older adults commit to a regular health and fitness regimen, the better the results will be as they age.”

At the launch, Kittleman introduced several current users of the county’s fitness centers, including 92-year-old Ernie Dawson, who works out several times a week to maintain strength in his legs.

“The GO50+ program embodies Howard County’s plan to create an age-friendly community,” said Jon Weinstein, Howard County Council Vice Chairperson. “Older adults who continue to actively exercise their minds and bodies improve our community at large as well.”

Registration begins January 4, 2016. For more information about GO50+ fitness memberships, contact one of the four participating locations (Ellicott City 50+ Fitness Center or the Gary J. Arthur, North Laurel and Roger Carter Community Centers), or visit