MACo, State Discuss Priorities for Aging Population

MACo meets with Maryland’s Commission on Aging to discuss working together to address the needs of Maryland’s older adults.

The Honorable Rona E. Kramer, Secretary of Aging

MACo staff met with Maryland’s Commission on Aging and the Secretary of the Maryland Department of Aging to discuss issues facing older Marylanders and ways that the organizations can work together.

The Chair of the Commission, Stuart P. Rosenthal, introduced the Commission’s work and Commissioners. Rosenthal set forth the need to shift government resources to accommodate the aging Maryland population, stating,

Seniors are the fastest growing cohort in Maryland, and in most counties will double in size.

Secretary Kramer gave a report from the Department, speaking about improving the administration of her Department, highlighting ways that the Department is working with federal funding agencies to ensure resources for Maryland, and working with local Area Agencies on Aging to improve efficiency. She shared with MACo that in a recent meeting with local area agencies on aging, she heard an interest in working more closely with county executives.

In her remarks, the Secretary emphasized health as the answer to an aging population. She shared details and updates on various programs that the Department is working with to promote health. These include a “groceries to go” program through the Baltimore Area Food Bank and the Department of Agriculture, a caregiver health program of Johns Hopkins, and living well programs that keep seniors healthy and help manage chronic diseases.

Several Commissioners also shared their willingness to connect with local elected officials, noting practices such as regular reports to county commissioners, that could serve as a model. They also described programs and organizations that support aging-in-place, such as Montgomery Village, which works with Montgomery County’s Department of Health and Human Service’s Village Coordinator.

MACo described our work with the affiliate M4A (The Maryland Association of Area Agencies on Aging) for updates on issues of concern and input into legislation in the General Assembly. In a discussion of MACo’s education and outreach to county governments and county elected officials, staffed described the upcoming MACo Winter Conference.

This year’s MACo Winter Conference will include a session on emergency preparedness for older adults, sponsored by the Maryland Association of Area Agencies on Aging. In When Lightning Strikes: Emergency Preparedness for Older Adultsan expert in vulnerable populations preparedness and an emergency manager will offer a train-the-trainer seminar for county government officials.

Learn more about MACo’s Winter Conference:

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