Keeping Bugs Out of the Ballgame: Pesticide Use on Recreational Fields

Learn about how pesticides are regulated and applied to county park and recreation fields and the potential health concerns they pose at the 2015 MACo December Winter Conference. As previously reported on Conduit Street, a Maryland House of Delegates workgroup has been studying a proposal to ban the use of lawn care pesticides and herbicides at day care centers, schools, and recreational fields used by minors.


Over the last several years, environmental and community groups have raised health concerns about the application of pesticides on lawns and recreational areas used by children. During the 2015 General Assembly Session, the Maryland legislature considered a pesticide application ban on day care, school, and park recreational areas except in an emergency. Panelists will debate different aspects of this issue, including health concerns raised by pesticide use, the need to keep and maintain functional recreational areas, and how counties currently manage their pesticide applications in parks.


  • Robert Hofstetter, Enforcement Program Coordinator, Pesticides Regulation Section, Maryland Department of Agriculture
  • The Honorable George Leventhal, President, Montgomery County Council
  • Rick Anthony, Director of Recreation and Parks, Anne Arundel County and President, Maryland Association of County Park and Recreation Administrators

Moderator: The Honorable Michael “Mike” Busch, Speaker, Maryland House of Delegates

Date & Time: Thursday, December 10, 2015, 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM

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