County Deadline: HUR Reporting Forms Due by November 30

HB 913 (Ch. 286, Acts of 2015) modifies the Highway User Revenue (HUR) reporting requirement legislation that passed during the 2014 session. The statutory changes require the State Highway Administration (SHA) to provide an electronic copy of an accounting report form to be used by all jurisdictions to report how HUR were expended. The SHA is then required to compile all of the reports and submit one single report to the Governor and specified committees of the General Assembly by February 1 of each year.

SHA has developed multi-tabbed forms to be used for reporting HUR expenditures that can be accessed in the link below. If accessing the forms from SHA’s home page, click on “Business” and “Highway User Revenues and Grants” in the left hand column.

HUR Reporting forms

The following information is to be provided in the multi-tabbed forms:

  • The actual local highway user expenditures incurred in the previous fiscal year
  • The projected expenditures for the current fiscal year
  • For both the prior and current fiscal year, the local highway user revenues spent on specified projects
  • The amount of funds diverted from the local general fund to pay for specific authorized projects during the previous fiscal year
  • The specific authorized projects that have been delayed due to a lack of funding

Completed forms must be returned to SHA by November 30, 2015. Please pay close attention to “Tab 1 – Notes” for further instructions.