Carroll Government and Community College Team Up For Small Business Development

Carroll County has launched a new initiative to nurture small businesses and startups.

The partnership between the Carroll County government and the Carroll County Community College will integrate and build upon existing resources, such as the county’s Path program and the Miller Center for Small Business, to help small businesses grow. As announced in a joint news release:

“Carroll County is primarily comprised of small businesses, such as home-based businesses, Main Street proprietors and thriving small business owners throughout our community,” said Board of Carroll County Commissioner Dennis Frazier. “We recognize the significant fiscal and job-creation impact of small business development in the local economy. Each business is a unique contributor to our economic landscape and we want to do everything we can to support their growth and success. This new initiative effectively leverages federal, state and local resources to ensure small businesses can start-up, launch new products or services, improve operations, expand market share and increase profits.”

For more information read the full news release.