Baltimore Strives to Become a Gigabit City to Improve Education and Create Jobs

Baltimore City is exploring how to expand its internet capacity to become a “gigabit” city like many others across the country, including the City of Westminster. As reported by the Baltimore Sun,

“It was clear nobody else was going to do it for us,” said Dr. Robert Wack, City Council president for Westminster, which lit up a fiber-optic network it has begun building for its residents and businesses this summer.

As Westminster joins a growing number of communities investing in networks capable of carrying a gigabit of data each second, Baltimore appears eager to follow. Armed with the results of two recently completed studies, one of which cost the city $157,000, City Council members are calling for action. Candidates and community groups are making the issue political, as a means to improve education and create jobs in Baltimore. And a newly appointed city broadband czar is working to coordinate the discussion.

While there is not yet consensus on how Baltimore should move forward, a resolution has been introduced before the City Council encouraging the City to lay a fiber-optic network.

Last month, 13 of them, led by Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke, introduced a resolution calling for the city to craft a plan for laying fiber-optic cable connected to all homes and businesses and overseeing operation of the network. “Timely execution is critical,” the resolution states.

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