Carroll Commissioners Make Future Education Funding Promise

As reported by the Carroll County Times, the Carroll County Board of Commissioners has voted to not reduce future school system funding when savings resulting from school closures and redistricting are realized.

The article, covering this week’s Commissioner meeting, describes,

The Board of Education is considering several options for closing schools and redistricting students. The closures would bring school system enrollment in line with its capacity and the an estimated $7.2 million in operating savings is expected as a result of closing up to five schools.

The intention of the vote Thursday is for the county to commit to allowing the school system to use the anticipated savings to ensure the best possible school system while simultaneously improving teacher morale by providing raises, said Commissioner Doug Howard, R-District 5. Without such a commitment, the county could end up allocating the savings to cover non-school system expenses.

For more information, see the full story from the Times.