St. Mary’s Weighing Cut to Energy Tax

The St. Mary’s County Commissioners are weighing the county-imposed energy tax, and considering its reduction or elimination in the context of their county’s entire fiscal picture.

From coverage in The Enterprise on the website

Both [Commissioner Mike] Hewitt and Commissioner John O’Connor (R) said they want to eliminate the local energy tax, which is 1.25 percent on electricity, fuel oil, liquefied petroleum and natural gas bills. The tax is projected to bring in $1.3 million in a $227 million county budget.

“I want to hold the line on property tax and I want to reduce the personal [business] tax,” Hewitt said, but people are asking for community centers and recreational complexes, which will take investment dollars.

O’Connor also said he wants to reduce other taxes in addition to eliminating the energy tax.

Commissioner Todd Morgan (R) had been interested in doing away with the energy tax before, but he said Wednesday that fiscal times have changed. Asked if he also supports getting rid of the energy tax, he said, “I’m a yes. I’m a no. I’ve got to be pragmatic.” However, he added, “I’m not in favor of raising taxes.”

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Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties