Fiscal Sustainability and the Affordable Care Act

Governing magazine has released a Health and Human Services Special Report on Affordable Care Act (ACA) implementation including lessons learned by state and local governments across the country. The report provides an update on where states are in this ACA era, information on the challenges state and local governments continue to encounter, and successful government policies that have the potential to scale and be replicated across the country.

Continuing to provide healthcare to government employees at the same level prior to the Affordable Care Act is a challenge that all state and local governments face. As described by Governing,

. . . most states would likely agree the chaos that reigned in the early days of the ACA has passed and they are seeking — and sometimes find­ing — more stable ground five years later. However, leaders must still find answers to tough questions, including the biggest one: How do we provide effective, comprehensive care and services in a way that is fiscally sustainable?

MACo’s Winter Conference will feature a session on the Affordable Care Act, sponsored by the Maryland Association of Human Resources Officers, Say “Ahh” – County Compliance with the Affordable Care Act will be held on Thursday, December 10, 2015; 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm. In this timely session, county officials will hear best practices for implementation of new ACA requirements and learn strategies for avoiding fines as a county employer.

This is the first year of implementation for several elements of the Affordable Care Act, including reporting requirements that must be used for employee tax returns. At the same time, new affordability of care standards create potential for penalties as their applicability to various scenarios is discovered.

Read more information about the Winter Conference and register here.

Read Governing’s complete report here (registration with Governing is required)