Peer Review Offered as Approach to Expedite State Permit Processes

The Regulatory Reform Commission created by Governor Hogan in July held its second regional meeting yesterday in College Park to solicit input from local officials and others to identify specific regulations that negatively affect Maryland’s business environment. Individuals speaking included local economic development officials, trade associations, small business owners, engineers, and architects.

An article in the Daily Record (subscription required) highlights some of the turf issues between licensed architects and engineers.  It also describes recommendations offered to automate the process for providing reports to the Comptroller’s Office and streamlining reporting requirements.

Brad Frome, Assistant Deputy Administrative Officer for Economic Development and Public Infrastructure, shared the success of a peer review process established by the county to expedite the review of permits. He also discussed the need to review and streamline the access permit process carried out by the State Highway Administration (SHA). SHA has already taken steps to improve this process.

The Commission, which is being overseen by Lt. Governor Rutherford, plans to hold four more meetings between now and October 13. The Commission will remain in effect for three years and provide annual reports to the Governor by December 1 each year.

Information on the Regulatory Reform Commission, including members, meeting schedule, and the executive order, can be found on the Lt. Governor’s website. Comments and recommendations can also be submitted through the website.

For more information on its creation see the previous post on Conduit Street titled “Governor Hogan Creates Regulatory Reform Commission.”