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In preparation for the National Association of Counties (NACo) Annual Conference and Exposition, July 10-13 in Mecklenburg County/Charlotte, North Carolina, NACo is inviting members to submit policy resolutions and platform changes to be considered at the conference.The NACo resolutions process provides members with the ability to participate in national policy decisions affecting county governments by proposing changes to NACo’s platform or policy resolutions that, if approved, will be added to the platform for one year. Resolutions and platform changes submitted through this process will be considered during the Annual Conference by NACo’s ten policy steering committees, its Board of Directors and its membership.The American County Platform and the association’s policy resolutions are carefully considered statements of the needs and interests of county governments throughout the nation. These policy statements serve as a guide for NACo members and staff to advance the association’s federal policy agenda before the White House, Congress and federal agencies. You may refer to the comprehensive overview of NACo’s policy resolution process here.

You may also work with the appropriate steering committee staff liaison to adhere to the following guidelines:

All resolutions and platform changes must be submitted electronically (preferably as a Word document) via email to by June 10, 2015. Submissions MUST identify the title and issue area in the email subject line (i.e. CDBG Appropriations, Community and Economic Development). Click here for a sample resolution.Resolutions should be concise and no more than one page in length. The standard format includes:

  • Issue: Short sentence stating the purpose of the resolution
  • Proposed Policy: Concise statement specifying a position or action by NACo and/or other entities
  • Background: 1-2 paragraph statement clearly outlining the county interest in the particular issue
  • Fiscal/Urban/Rural Impact: Short statement addressing the potential impact(s) for counties in the specific issue area
  • Sponsor: Name and contact information of NACo member sponsoring the resolution.  It is important to include contact information so that the NACo staff can follow up if there are any questions or additional information required

IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you plan to submit a policy resolution or platform change, you (or a designated representative) must appear in person at the steering committee meeting at the 2015 Annual Conference to introduce and explain the resolution. 

Steering committees may also consider other resolutions that were not submitted within the 30-day period. However, these federal legislative or regulatory matters should be urgent in nature, meaning that they could not have been foreseen 30 days prior to the conference.Steering committees receiving emergency resolutions may consider them only if two-thirds of the steering committee members present vote to review them. This vote, and the vote resulting in the adoption or defeat of the actual resolution, must be tallied and reported at the conclusion of all steering committee meetings.*Inaction on the part of a submitter is not grounds for an emergency resolution.
You may contact NACo’s Legislative Director Deborah Cox at or the appropriate steering committee liaison with additional questions or concerns. Click here to see NACo’s Legislative Department staff contact list.*You may also refer to the comprehensive overview of NACo’s policy resolution process here.
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