Students Succeed at Prince George’s County Evening High School Program

Evening High School, which is held after regular hours is providing an alternative to traditional day high schools in Prince George’s County, as reported by

The School-to-Work Training Program is a new program to provide work related skills and job-finding assistance to students at the alternative high school, which operates at two campuses. The program began last school year as a pilot, and this year includes a total of 27 Evening High School students at the two campuses. . .

In addition to high school coursework, students learn job skills and may gain access to employment through the program’s partnership with area restaurants.

“It’s fun. The restaurant is always busy, and you get to meet a lot of different people,” [Crossland High School Student Lovie] Simmons said. “I’ve learned a lot about customer service and communicating with people, and I’m able to help my mother out financially.”

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