Baltimore City Council Approves Urban Tax Credit

The Baltimore City Council has approved legislation that would provide a 90% tax credit to urban farmers. Farmers would need to grow and sell at least $5,000 of fruit and vegetables a year to be eligible. The credit would be applied for 5 years, but could be renewed for a total of 10 years.

As reported by the Baltimore Sun,

Councilman William “Pete” Welch, the bill’s sponsor, said the credits could help improve eating habits in the city, and in turn address some of Baltimore’s health disparities. The credits could be used for five years before they would need to be renewed.

“We have to make available fresh fruit and vegetables, and we have to reduce the price of fruits and vegetables,” Welch said. Some “people make decisions based on price, not on health.”

Welch said the majority of his district is in a food desert, and residents lack easy access to supermarkets.

The Mayor is expected to sign the legislation.