2015 End of Session Wrap Up: Housing and Community Development

This post summarizes the status of housing and community development bills that MACo took a position on during the 2015 Regular Session.

Maryland Strong Manufacturing Development Act: SB 507 created a Manufacturing Development Zones program administered by the Department of Business and Economic Development (DBED). The purpose of the program was to encourage businesses that have manufacturing facilities outside of the state to move them to Maryland. The bill targeted heavy manufacturing, defined as large scale projects that include construction, mining, and metal processing. The bill authorized political subdivisions to apply to have areas designated as a manufacturing development zone and required a county or municipal corporation to grant a property tax credit to eligible businesses within the zone. It also authorized specified business entities to claim a specified credit against the State income tax. MACo supported this bill with amendments to give local governments more flexibility in determining the tax and other incentives given to eligible businesses.

MACo testimony on SB 507.

Final Status: SB 507 was referred to an interim study by the Senate Budget and Tax Committee.