Senate Committee Moves Police Body Camera Bills

The Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee voted favorably with amendments on two bills relating to the use of police body cameras. The late-session move surprised many stakeholders, as related legislation had been defeated in both chambers earlier during the session.

SB 482 as originally introduced established a comprehensive set of requirements for law enforcement officers and law enforcement agencies in regards to body-worn cameras. MACo testified in support of the bill with amendments seeking local flexibility for camera use and record retention protocols, and limits on public records requests. The House cross-file HB 627 received an unfavorable report from the Judiciary Committee earlier in session.

HB 533 as originally introduced sought an exception to the wiretapping and electronic surveillance law to make it lawful for a law enforcement officer to intercept an oral communication with a body camera or other specified device. MACo did not take a position on HB 533.

The Senate committee amendments to the bills were not yet available at the time of publication.

For more information read previous coverage on Conduit Street.

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