Prince George’s Launches $100M Partnership to Manage Stormwater Infrastructure

Prince George’s County’s Department of the Environment has entered into a $100 million dollar partnership with Corvias Solutions to manage the county’s stormwater infrastructure.

According to the Washington Post,

The project requires retrofitting thousands of acres of public and private land with green infrastructure designed to capture and treat runoff before pollutants flow into the Chesapeake Bay.

The partnership is critical to two Prince George’s  goals: 1) meet strict mandates to reduce pollution in the next decade; 2) pioneer a storm water industry in the region that officials expect will stimulate economic development.

“Together, Prince George’s and Corvias are on the ground floor of an industry that is about to explode,” said Adam Ortiz, director of the county Department of the Environment. “There is increasing demand for clean water not only across the United States but across the world.”

Under the federal regulations, Prince George’s must clean and treat 15,000 acres of polluted runoff by 2025 — a costly and labor-intensive endeavor that will likely exceed deadlines, county leaders said. Working with Corvias offers Prince George’s an opportunity to “reduce the cost and get it done quicker” without assuming all the risk, said Tad Davis, managing director of Corvias Solutions.

To read more about this partnership, visit the Washington Post online or Prince George’s County’s newsletter.