Carroll County Commissioners to Fund New Drug Enforcement Program

The Board of County Commissioners for Carroll County voted unanimously to approve $1 million in funding to start a new drug enforcement program in the county. As reported in The Baltimore Sun:

The program, known as “Not in Carroll,” was introduced Tuesday by [Commissioner Doug] Howard and Commissioner Stephen Wantz, R-District 1, along with Sheriff Jim DeWees and State’s Attorney Brian DeLeonardo. It would form what they are calling the Repeat Offender Proactive Enforcement Team and the Drug Overdose Response Team.

The repeat offender team, operated by the Sheriff’s Office, would investigate street- and mid-level narcotics complaints as well as monitor career criminals living in the county; the State’s Attorney’s Office would oversee the drug overdose team, which would aggressively pursue the prosecution of these criminals, operate a prevention outreach effort and supervise the treatment of new users entering the court system.

The article notes that the program is expected to cost $2.2 million over the course of three years and that the commissioners hope outside grants will help offset program costs in years two and three.

For more information read the full article in The Baltimore Sun.