MACo Supports Drug Overdose Response Program

The Senate Finance Committee heard testimony on SB 516, Public Health- Overdose Response Program, on March 12, 2015; where MACo’s Policy Analyst, Natasha Mehu, testified in support. This bill alters the Overdose Response Program to maximize the program’s potential for getting individuals trained and equipped to save a life by administering naloxone.

The written testimony explains:

These changes will allow greater flexibility to have staff available to conduct trainings and increase access to naloxone for those in need. Importantly, SB 516 specifies that individuals trained under the program have immunity from liability under §§ 5–603 and 5–629 of the courts and judicial proceedings article, if the individual administers naloxone to someone who is or who in good faith is believed to be experiencing an opioid overdose. These Good Samaritan protections ensure that people are not hesitant in attempting to save a life because they are worried about potential liability.

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