MACo Opposes Unnecessary Local Government Mandate

MACo Policy Analyst Natasha Mehu testified in opposition to the Senate Finance Committee, in regards to SB 370, Unmanned Aircraft Systems Research, Development, Regulation and Privacy Act of 2015 on March 10, 2015. This bill allows only the State to enact a law to prohibit, restrict or regulate unmanned aircraft, specifically preempting a county or municipality’s autonomy to do the same.

The written testimony explains

This legislation’s preemption of local authority undermines a county government’s role in protecting the privacy rights of its citizens. The legislation would preempt a county from prohibiting, restricting, or regulating the testing or operation of unmanned aircraft system (commonly known as drones) even within its own jurisdiction. County governments would like to have the option to write laws and regulations over commercial and recreational use of drones as necessary to protect the privacy of residents.


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