MACo Opposes Bottle Bill in Senate

Les Knapp, MACo Legal and Policy Counsel, joined county recycling officials in testifying to the Senate Education, Health and Environment Affairs Committee opposing SB 684, Maryland Redeemable Beverage Container and Litter Reduction Program, on March 10, 2015. This bill would create a complex fiscal and operation underpinning that would leave counties to absorb the long-term loss of key recycling revenue; by creating a statewide container deposit of five cents, to be redeemed through a series of redemption centers. Additionally, Maryland’s current recycling program is very successful, and a new system like this could undo the current progress.

The written testimony explains the major reasons MACo opposes this bill. These issues include:

  • Diversion of Material from County Recycling Programs
  • Impact on Consumer Behavior
  • Litter Reduction

The cross file of this bill, HB 982, was heard last week in the House Environment and Transportation Committee.

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