MACo Supports Statewide Effort to Address Opioid Crisis

The House Health and Government Operations Committee heard testimony on HB 896, Maryland Opioid Use Disorder Consortium, on March 3. MACo Policy Analyst, Natasha Mehu, testified in support of this bill which would create a consortium of stakeholders to develop and implement a statewide plan to tackle opioid use.

The written testimony explains:

HB 896 establishes an Opioid Use Disorder Consortium to develop a strategic statewide plan, including a timeline for actions, to treat and reduce opioid use disorders in the state. The Consortium will convene workgroups to study the prescription drug monitoring program; prescriber and provider education; treatment; public education and awareness; and data analysis. It will also hold roundtables across the state to receive input from local officials and experts on drafting recommendations for the strategic statewide plan.

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