MACo Urges Correctional System Efficiencies for Juveniles

On February 27, Natasha Mehu, MACo Policy Analyst, testified in support of HB 618 Juveniles – Transfer Determinations – Confinement in Juvenile Facilities to the House Judiciary Committee. This bill would ensure that eligible juvenile detainees are held with their peers in juvenile detention centers and are not inappropriately housed in county adult detention centers that are not equipped to house juvenile detainees.

The written testimony explains:

Under current law, certain juveniles charged as adults are held in adult jail pre-trial. However, if it is in the interest of the child or society, the circuit court may transfer the juvenile to the jurisdiction of the juvenile court. This is known as a reverse waiver. HB 618 requires, with certain exceptions, that while a reverse waiver is pending, a juvenile be held in a juvenile facility rather than the adult jail.

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