MACo Action Alert: Contact House Judiciary Members to Vote NO on House Bill 113

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MACo Action Alerts


Contact your Delegates on the House Judiciary Committee to Vote No on House Bill 113



Is that really what Maryland needs?

Governments are constantly being sued – all too often by plaintiffs in search of a “deep pocket.”

Current law already makes sure that injured parties can recover.

HB 113 would “sweeten the pot” and give even greater incentive to sue your local governments.

HB 113 would more than double the limits under the Local Government Tort Claims Act – a law where local governments agreed to step in and accept the liability for actions of their employees.


Passing HB 113 would mean:

  • counties would have to set aside deeper reserves to pay for judgments
  • many more cases will arise, as the potential rewards for lawsuits goes up
  • counties will need to hire more attorneys to defend and resolve cases
  • insurance costs will increase

More spending on plaintiffs. Less available for potholes, parks, and police.


2015 House Judiciary Committee

MACo Contact: Les Knapp, Legal & Policy Counsel