LGIT Body Camera Grant Aids Perryville Police

The Perryville Police Department has been awarded a 50 percent matching grant from the Local Government Insurance Trust (LGIT) for the purchase of police body cameras. As reported in the Cecil Whig:

About the size of a pack of cigarettes, the camera will be worn on the shoulder of the officer’s uniform and will record audio and video any time there’s an interaction between the police and the public. Wernz said his department chose that model.

“They decided they wanted the one that goes on the uniform rather than the one that goes on the visor,” Wernz said. “It gives you a wider angle, plus it’s $100 to $200 cheaper.”

The camera battery has a 12-hour charge.

“When they put the unit in the docking station it automatically downloads to Evidence.com,” Wernz said, explaining that is a file maintenance system offered by Taser. “Each officer can only access their own footage. They can view it … but they can’t alter or delete it.”

An administrator would also be able to view the footage from every camera and decide which files should be saved.

As previously reported on Conduit Street, LGIT is accepting applications for the Law Enforcement Body Camera Grant Program. Applications for upcoming the spring grant cycle are due April 24, 2015.


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