Senate Joins House In Video Live Streaming Hearings

A February 3 article announced that the Maryland Senate is now video live streaming its hearings.  From the article:

The legislature has taken another small step for transparency in its proceedings this year. Senate committees are now video live streaming their hearings online, and saving them for later viewing.

That includes the Executive Nominations Committee which streamed its very first hearing Monday night. Like all the other hearings of committees in both House and Senate, that hearing is archived and can be watched online.  …

You can watch the entire process online, but once the nominations get to the Senate floor, you’ll just have to rely on the usual audio with no pictures and minimal identification of who is speaking.

There are no plans to live stream the Senate sessions.

Previously, the Senate provided audio live streaming of its Committee hearings.  The Miller Senate Office Building expansion, which houses the Senate committee rooms, was built prior to the House Office Building expansion and was equipped with slightly older recording technology.  The House has been video live streaming its committee hearings for several years.