Senator David Brinkley Named State Budget Secretary

Courtesy of Maryland State Archives
Courtesy of Maryland State Archives

During a press conference on January 15, Governor-Elect Hogan named outgoing Senator David Brinkley as his new Secretary of the Department of Budget and Management. Senator Brinkley served as the former senate minority leader and a member of the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee.

As reported by the Baltimore Sun,

That means [Governor-elect Hogan] he will unveil his expected program of budget reduction and tax cuts a day before the scheduled introduction of the state budget bill next Friday. The state is facing a $750 million revenue shortfall in next year’s budget.


Hogan announced the appointment of former Senate Minority Leader David R. Brinkley, long recognized as a leading Republican specialist on fiscal matters, to head the Department of Budget and Management. The person who fills that role typically takes on the job of chief explainer of the details of the governor’s budget.

Senator Brinkley’s appointment will need to be confirmed by the Maryland Senate.