Report on Maryland’s Agriculture Available

The Maryland Department of Agriculture released the 2013 Summary of Maryland’s Agriculture Statistics. The report includes a comprehensive breakdown of state and county agriculture data including: number of farms, amount of farm land, market value of products sold, government payments, live stock information, and even operator characteristics.

Earl Hance, Maryland’s Secretary of Agriculture explains the report should

…help agricultural leaders on the local, state and national levels to make decisions that impact local economies, farm and farm-based businesses, and all aspects of the agricultural industry.

Maryland showed a 1% decrease in the amount of land used for farming between 2007 and 2012; however, there was a 24% increase in the amount of market value for the goods sold (p. 20). The report also explained that Frederick County has the most amount of acreage of farm land, with 181,512 acres (p. 40), and Caroline County has the most market value for goods sold with $257,915,000 (p. 30).

Visit the National Agricultural Statistics Service website for the full report.

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