Local Governments Remain Optimistic Regarding Local Transportation Funding

Despite the difficult budget year, local governments remain optimistic regarding local transportation funding. As reported by The Daily Record,

The state is facing a combined budget deficit of more than $1 billion for the current budget year and fiscal year 2016, but cities and counties want to see the return of highway user revenues they depend on for road projects. Groups, such as the Maryland Municipal League and the Maryland Association of Counties say Republican Gov.-elect Larry Hogan made it clear he supported restoring those monies during his campaign.

When addressing MACo’s membership during the Association’s annual summer conference, Governor-Elect Hogan pledged to fully restore local highway user revenues, averaging $350 million a year, to local governments in his first budget. While the budget situation may make this difficult, both organizations remain hopeful.

“I think at every opportunity [Hogan] has expressed really sincere intent do the best that he can. So, I know that’s something that will be a priority for him,” said Candace Donoho, the Maryland Municipal League’s director of government relations. “But having said that he has received some pretty unhappy surprises.”

Andrea Mansfield, legislative director at the Maryland Association of Counties, said that the restoration of local transportation funding remains the top priority, as it has the last few years. She said that despite the bad news regarding the state budget the organization still remains optimistic there will be an increase in funding.

“Since winning the election, we know budgets are not exactly what we thought they’d be, but [Hogan] still indicates some level of commitment to that, so we’re still hoping that we will see something when the budget is introduced in January,” Mansfield said.

Local Transportation Funding Restoration is one of MACo’s 2015 Legislative Priorities.

For more information on transportation funding and other issues to be discussed during the upcoming session, join us at the General Assembly Forecast session to be held during the MACo Winter Conference.


  • The Honorable Thomas V. Mike Miller President, Maryland Senate
  • The Honorable Michael E. Busch Speaker, Maryland House of Delegates
  • The Honorable Christopher B. Shank, Minority Whip, Maryland Senate
  • The Honorable Joseph M. Getty, Maryland State Senator; Chief Legislative Officer, Hogan Administration

Date/Time: Friday, January 9, 2015; 9:30 am – 10:45 am

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