Calvert County: See Locations of Commercial Projects with New Interactive Map

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calvert whats going whereAnnounced in the December issue of Calvert Currents:

The Calvert County Department of Economic Development (DED) has launched a new What’s Going Where map that lets the public see where commercial projects are happening in Calvert County.

“This project began as an outreach effort to inform the public about new business activity in the county, to welcome and showcase new businesses and to provide a tool to better track the status and needs of businesses,” explained Linda Vassallo, director of the DED. “What we developed is an interactive map that allows us to monitor and help businesses as well as share a visual snapshot of what is going where with the public.”

What’s Going Where is a user-friendly map that allows you to explore commercial projects by ZIP code or view a list of projects completed in the last 12 months. The map is part of a larger set of interactive GIS maps offered by Calvert County Government to help the public virtually explore everything from the county’s parks and recreational facilities to the changes in the county’s landscape over the past 100 years.