Finance Director Serves as Educator for a Day in Cecil County, Maryland

As reported by the Cecil Whig, Cecil County Finance Director Winston Robinson recently participated in the “Educator for a Day” program that invites the public into the classroom.

Robinson said the fifth graders also asked questions about his career path and what he does in his current job.

“Accounting and auditing were a bit over their heads, so I explained how some of the world’s first governments were accountants, who would keep counts of harvests and try to save at least one season’s worth to feed a community,” he said. “Keeping a storehouse is still what we essentially do.”

According to the article, teachers also appreciated the opportunity to talk about the needs of the school system with the person who compiles and manages the county budget under the county executive.  Robinson said he enjoyed their conversations as well, saying,

“I think it’s important to be out there and interact with those who are affected by the budget I help the county executive put together and manage[.]”

For more information, and photos, read the full story in the Cecil Whig.