Allegany County Launches Tree Planting Program As Part of Bay Restoration Efforts

Allegany County has launched a new tree planting program designed to help the County meet its Chesapeake Bay watershed restoration goals.  Under the County’s “Trees Not Taxes” program, the County will plant trees on the property on an interested landowner.

The minimum planting area is 1/4 acre but larger tracts of land will receive priority.  The planting area must create new forest and not be part of a reforestation or mitigation requirement.  Tree species will be recommended by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service based on location and/or landowner preference.

The tree planting is free of charge but a landowner must sign an agreement that: (1) provides permission for the planting; (2) guarantees the trees will not be intentionally damaged or removed; and (3) allows the County access to the property for minor maintenance activities for the first five years following the planting.

For further information, please contact:

Dan DeWitt, P.E.
Allegany County Department of Public Works

Trees Not Taxes Information Brochure

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