Harford County Executive-elect Glassman Names Final Cabinet, Eliminates Chief of Staff

On November 18, Harford County Executive-elect Barry Glassman announced the last cabinet level appointments. He also announced that he is planning to eliminate the Office of Chief of Staff and bring back the Department of Government & Community Relations which will advocate on behalf of the county executive at the local, state and national level.

From The Baltimore Sun,

The latest group of appointments include Edward Hopkins, director of emergency services; James Malone, director of parks and recreation; Timothy Whittie, director of public works; Bradley Killian, director of planning and zoning; Karen Rottmann, director of procurement; Leonard Parrish, director of housing; and Melissa Lambert, county attorney.

Whittie is the only member in the current group being held over from the outgoing administration of County Executive David Craig. Lambert was serving as the county council’s attorney and Hopkins was the chief deputy in the Harford County Sheriff’s Office.

“I think, when you look at it overall, about one-third of the folks are promotions from current departments,” Glassman said, adding he kept about one-third of existing directors and another one-third are new.

To read more information about each of the new appointments, visit The Baltimore Sun online.