Dorchester County Mourns the Passing of County Manager Jane Baynard & Former Commissioner Phil Adams

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Recently retired Dorchester County Manager M. Jane Baynard was laid to rest on Thursday, November 20, 2014. Baynard died at Johns Hopkins Hospital on Tuesday, November 11, 2014. She was 55. Baynard was remembered at the first county commissioners meeting on November 18 following her death.

Dorchester County council members also mourned the passing of former County Commissioner Phil Adams.

M. Jane Baynard, Courtesy of The Star Democrat

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(County Commissioner Jay) Newcomb had volunteered his time to handle administrative matters after Baynard was hospitalized in November 2012, after going in for a routine procedure. He was officially named acting county manager after it was determined that the charter required one during Baynard’s absence.

After Baynard resigned from the post this past September, Newcomb continued to volunteer as acting county manager.

Previously Newcomb explained that he took on the added responsibilities to allow Baynard to continue in the position of county manager.

“Jane loved this job,” Newcomb said Tuesday. After she was hospitalized, “She fought and she fought. She had always hoped to come back. There were three things that she loved, her family, her dogs and this job.”

Referring to the empty chair which has been at the council table since 2012, Bradshaw said it will be difficult to find someone to serve as county manager. “She was a tough act to follow.”

Councilman Rick Price said many people missed talking with Baynard. “She was very helpful to me in learning the ropes and kept everyone appraised of information in a timely manner,” he said.

“She educated quite a few of us on the board,” Councilman Ricky Travers said. “She knew how to turn people around in the right direction.”

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