Carroll County Jail: Overcrowded and Searching for Solutions

Carroll County’s Correctional facility is overcrowded and Warden George R. Hardinger is looking at ways to cut down on the jails population. As reported on WMAR Baltimore:

In the wake of the overcrowding, members of the Carroll County corrections office are looking for new ways to deal with the rise in of inmates, especially females.

Last month, the female inmate population went from 28, which the facility can house, to 54.

“I felt this was my only option,” Hardinger said. “Until we can find a better solution.”

Hardinger is exploring a few paths to mitigate the issue. At the top of the list is bumping up plans to rent out detention center space.

The last time Carroll County expanded its jail was in 1999.

Hardinger also hopes to create more treatment services for inmates that have mental illness and substance abuse.

In the article Hardinger suggests longer prison sentences and increase in mental illness as contributing factors to the increase in jail population.  In the meantime steps such as switching from single to double room occupancy and using emergency funding to house some inmates in other counties have been taken to help alleviate some of the burden.

For more information read the full article on WMAR Baltimore.