MACo Winter Conference Keynote, Sponsored by LGIT, to Focus on Leadership “Superpowers”

Ron Black of the Mentor Group will be delivering MACo’s Winter Conference Keynote Presentation on January 7, 2015 as part of the Welcoming Banquet. Ron’s presentation, “Trust Your CAPE – Transforming Everyday Leadership Superpowers into Extraordinary Results” will focus on helping county elected officials and other government leaders to discover their leadership superpowers and use them for the benefit of their constituents.

MACo would like to thank the Local Government Insurance Trust (LGIT) for sponsoring the Keynote presentation.

Trust Your Cape Artwork Basic

Trust Your CAPE – Transforming Everyday Leadership Superpowers into Extraordinary Results:

For elected officials in public service, the challenges are many and the risks are real. But for those willing to step up and lead the way, opportunities abound! This interactive program reveals four “everyday super powers” that can help you and your team transform good intentions into meaningful results on The Road Ahead.

Learn how to tap into your superhero, harvest the wisdom of those around you, build collaborative purpose, and move your constituents’ best interests forward. Build your CAPE with Clarity, Attitude, People, and Engagement – and take your leadership results from ordinary to extraordinary!

Meet our keynote speaker, Ron Black:

Ron_Black 1976x1976-Ron Black's copyRon’s high energy and playful intensity has delighted over 1900 audiences in 47 of the United States, throughout Canada, Australia, and in Columbia, Russia, and Brazil. He speaks on leadership from experience—he is the founder of nine companies, a Fortune 500 VP, and served as an NCO in the Marine Corps and the National Guard. A twice-published author, his client list includes many notable organizations such as UCLA, INTEL, Boeing, VW, the Defense Intelligence Agency, USDA, Social Security Administration, and the US Army’s Special Forces Operations Command. He lives in the Pacific Northwest where he is an avid trail runner, sea kayaker, sailor, cook for his lovely wife, and lucky Papa of three awesome grandchildren.

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